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I am an editorial and commercial photographer and stylist with a strong focus on food, still life, interiors and travel. With a keen eye for a good taste and beautiful things as a former Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of 1st Lithuanian food magazine „Virtuvė“ I kept moving towards the career in food photography for more than nine years now.


It was both cooking and photography that I fell in love with at the same time. While my journey started as my own personal blog, my creative outlet to share recipes and travels, it brought me to being one of a few Lithuanian photographers specializing in the field both of food photography and food styling.


It goes without saying that we start eating with our eyes. And I believe plates should tell us stories. My pictures are genuine and qualitative creations for those that, like me, love food and everything that it can make us feel.


I intend to make food look good through using (mostly) natural light. Minimalism, light, form and refined delicacy are things that move me as a creative. I like my pictures being aesthetically clean, strong and focused on a subject, not details. I believe that simple doesn’t mean easy. And that perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


The same applies to my food writing. Since I was in writing and editorial business for countless years now, time from time I still do carefully selected food and travel writing, and bits of copywriting as well. I believe in mouthwatering, powerful storytelling, know food, love restaurants and contemporary gastronomy, ask good questions, and strive for perfection. So I set myself on a mission to tell great stories, shine a light on culture, uncover local flavors, and seek out undiscovered gems.


For now I am based in Vilnius (Lithuania, Europe) but available to travel for projects around the globe. If you like what you see – feel free to drop me a line or send me your story, so we can figure it all out.